Friday, October 18, 2013

Definitely Not Jinx

Speed-art HERE
Jinx trying to hide behind Sona's image just made me luagh, their personalities are so different and the fact that Jinx would be tripping all over that gown just sold it (and Jinx Rocking out on the Etwahl was a cherry on top).
for my speed art series on Machinima Realm


  1. Hey! This is awesome! Would I be able to use this as a thumbnail for my Jinx Support video? :)

    1. Thanks!

      But I'm gunna have to say no. This image was specifically created for Realm so no one should be using it outside of their channel.

      *and I appreciate that you asked, however you still used it before getting a response ( a definite no-no in regards to using other peoples art).

      Elizabeth B.

    2. Alright, I'll change the thumbnail, thanks for letting me know so fast, sorry for using it for that time without permission, brilliant piece of art though :)

    3. So, I've changed the thumbnail...but it hasn't actually changed, I'm trying to get it to do it but it wont :/