Saturday, March 1, 2014

Batgirl Begins Again

My submission for Project Rooftop' 'Batgirl Begins Again' challenge , which ended last night (2/28).

Kinda wanted a younger petite Babs that's more of a free runner, slinking around the streets in her oversized capelet. I feel like this would be her outfit right before joining up with the BatFamily. The quality of her clothing is a large step up from something she may have been wearing to begin with but is still not quite at the same level as Batman himself. I also wanted to make it something where ideally she'd still be able to acquire and customize her clothing (if need be) on her own. Her shopping list would contain a body suite/ fanny pack/ wedge sneakers/ vest/ capelet/ wrist straps/ and headphones (headset). And not to mention those kind of face masks are super easy to make nowadays, she could just look it up on youtube ;). The only thing that I feel like could've been a gift from the big bat would be the metal capsules for her Utility Fanny Pack and the clasps of her capelet.

*My favorite thing about this design is probably how the vest is really just a standard zip up vest but once you pull the zipper down a bit it creates the illusion of the bat symbol ;B ( that was my happy little moment)

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