Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Another commission for my buddy Dae.
This one's of his OC Mauri.
Had a lot of fun playing around with his dark matter wing constructs!

Rule 63 Storm

Commission for my buddy Dae!
Illustration based off his badass rule 63 Storm Cosplay!

Monday, September 1, 2014

SC: 51

Challenge 51: Spirit Animal: Rabbit
I originally planned on re-drawing my original Spirit animal illustration from way back when, but ultimately decided against it. Went with a more light hearted and fun little illustration with some 90’s high school flare ;P
Also tried to use a limited color palette but it went real pink REAL FAST (but I’m oki with that).

AFRU Gallery!!

Only 4 days before the opening night of AFRU Gallery's 'Illustrator and Designer Appreciation' show!

I'll be showcasing three brand new pieces alongside work from six other crazy talented artists! So, whether you're local or happen to be in town for Rose City Comic Con make sure to be stop on by!!

* I’ll be debuting the full Illustrations on Opening Night, Friday September 5th!!